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Phillip Philbeck Art Prints

Conveying the intimate nuance of a moment in time is the ultimate goal of Phillip Philbeck's work. Whether evoking the biting air of a snowy dusk or a warm wind blowing through a spring willow, Philbeck captures each moment in its own unique fullness. Asked why his work is so popular, Philbeck says, "My love for these quiet moments is a view shared by most. I think it is partially my duty to remind people about these things-to sort of get away from the fast pace and reminisce." Philbeck draws on his earliest memories of growing up in rural North Carolina for many of his images of rolling hills, farms and silent woodlands. He was inspired to become an artist in elementary school after seeing a book about the work of artist Bob Timberlake. After studying art in school and on his own, as well as learning from books and other artists, Philbeck began painting full-time at the age of twenty-three. In 1992, he began publishing limited edition prints of his work and soon gained national recognition. Today, Philbeck works and paints in North Carolina, surrounded by the scenery that has always inspired him.
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Flower House Morning
Fine-Art Print
24" x 20"
Ships within 2-4 days
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